Bank Holiday BBQ

Tomahawk Steak

Tomahawk Steak

Tomahawk Steak for your Bank Holiday BBQ

You can’t beat a good Bank Holiday BBQ to get the family outside in the garden to enjoy some fresh air and sunshine.. assuming the British weather allows!  All you need is a good quality BBQ, charcoal and most importantly meat and vegetables to grill!

We supply a wide range of meats to meet all budgets to help make your next Bank Holiday BBQ a sizzling success.


Bank Holiday BBQ

Tomahawk steak on a Weber BBQ

This Tomahawk beef steak was sealed for a couple of minutes directly over the hot coals and the cooked for thirty minutes indirectly over a drip tray of hot water just to keep the meat moist whilst the BBQ lid was on.

If you’re planning a Bank Holiday BBQ this weekend why not give us a call on:

01536 512721

Mothers day pie dish

M A Coales filled pie dish service

If Mothers Day is all about than treating hard working Mums, how about this for an idea?  All you have do is bring her favourite pie dish into the shop, choose your preferred meat and we will make and bake a pie for you. You just pay for the meat it takes to fill which ever dish you bring in.

We started this service last year and it proved very popular for Boxing Day and New years even when most people are tired of cooking and entertaining following Christmas.

Obviously this service will also work for any other occasions such as birthdays and family get togethers.  To find out more please give the shop a call or contact us through Facebook. Telephone: 01536 512721








Kellybronze Turkey for Christmas

kelly bronze Christmas turkey

Kelly Bronze Christmas turkey

When it comes to Christmas, it has to be turkey!

We source our Christmas turkeys from Kellybronze for good reasons:

  • Turkeys are bred to roam wild and free allowing them develop naturally as nature intended.
  • Kellybronze farm ‘slow growing’ breeds, the more mature the bird, the better the flavour!
  • Kellybronze turkeys are hand plucked and dry hung, just like game birds.

Christmas comes just once a year so why not make the occasion even more special with a Kellybronze turkey!

To place your order please call Mark on 01536 512 721 before the 4th December when orders close.

For more information on Kellybronze turkeys please click here